the story of

the iconic all in one cosmetics : often imitated - never equalled.

over 40 years old, and still going strong....


When Dottie Smith of Classic Labs, the creator of Egyptian Earth® picked a pharaonic theme to differentiate the already phenomenally successful ground breaking Egyptian Earth instant face and body bronzer, she could not have predicted that the Egyptian Earth Co., with its iconic, and, to this day proprietary, formula, would only a few years later, become the sister company of the aptly named Colora, a close to a century old (now US) company tracing its roots to the Cairo bazaars of the early XXth century, and that, for added serendipity, two of the current three  generations principals of the American company were indeed natives of Egypt.


No wonder then that since 1980 when it was first used, and since 1981, when the original Egyptian Earth trademark was filed for registration,  this pharaonic theme has indeed remained a constant – either with the specially commissioned pharaonic urns, or as a symbol on the pressed and baked powders compacts that were part of the line.  And while various marketers of bronzers have since proliferated, the failure to duplicate the Egyptian Earth®  makeup magic results has translated into flattering, but futile, efforts, to at least emulate its outer trappings: from an attempted hybrid translation of the name into other languages, including the adoption of our original stylized lettering, to more subtle variations of suggestive words with earth or bronzing connotations (land; clay; sun; tanning), or to designs of similar pharaonic busts or stylized pyramids – and, in extreme cases, even sliding into brazen attempts to override its trademark in the USA or common law rights in Europe – with, for added marketing bells and whistles, the embellishment of long lists of exotic ingredients.*


Does that mean: “beware of imitations”? Not really. Most are harmless, even acceptable, if overpriced - we just couldn’t resist the cliché....  Still, if we must have one, how about: “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery?”


One cannot quarrel with success – nor be forever tied up in litigation with companies not considered as a threat to the Egyptian Earth  brand …so  we now say that the longer the list of imitators, the more the only pure and simple EGYPTIAN EARTH ® name, (with no need for a “house name”  or other prefix) shall stand out as the authentic product with no need for marketing frills. And to better drive home the point, we shall endeavor in the future to compile the list of our would be competitors, with, for added convenience for the cosmetology historian, any details one can find on the web as to the date of their appearance on the Egyptian horizon..   Help us keep track therefore of any new names on the streets or the net – and in the meantime, please let us have any feedback regarding your use of our loose or pressed bronzing powders… 


*pending the success of our request for the cancellation of  this latter predatory registration of  our Egyptian Earth mark in Europe, kindly note that any orders from the EU would currently  be shipped under our alternative “Egyptian Glow” label.